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Morning Newspaper Report

The headlines of the leading newspapers on 11 June 2024:


# Business Day:

Reports the CEO of Alexforbes, Dawie de Villiers, says they expect a capital outflow of around 50-billion-rand in the sector when the two-pot system comes into effect in September.


# Beeld:

Reports the DA leader, John Steenhuisen says the talks on a government of national unity must be speeded up because if there is no agreement in place, the DA will not support president Cyril Ramaphosa in the presidential election.

And secondly, the paper writes about a secret project to resettle 120 white rhinos in conservation areas on the western border of the Kruger National Park.

# The Star and Pretoria News:

Writes the government of national unity is labelled as a cover for an ANC/DA coalition from certain quarters.

And reports City Power is bringing back load-shedding with its power distribution project.

# Sowetan:

Reports principals who advise parents not to send their Grade 11 sons to initiation school, but to let them study instead are being criticised.

# And The Citizen:

Writes Business Leadership South Africa warned Ramaphosa to put the government of national unity in place before the country’s struggling economy deteriorates further.


# Volksblad in Bloemfontein:

Has the same lead as Beeld about John Steenhuisen.

And secondly, it is reported that the alleged victims of the gymnastics coach, Derek Bezuidenhout, say they are bitter about the apology letters they are now receiving. Bezuidenhout committed suicide when complaints of sexual assault against him came to light.


# Die Burger:

Also reports on the DA’s warning.

And secondly, the paper writes about eight suspects who will appear in court today in connection with illegal abalone trade amounting to 37-million-rand.

# And Cape Times:

Writes the EFF is going to test its suspension from attending the SONA in the Constitutional Court.

And it is reported Parliament does not pay much attention to the MK Party’s plans to boycott the first session.


# The Herald in Gqeberha:

Reports consumers may experience fuel shortages after an accident in the Port Elizabeth Harbour made it impossible to import fuel through the port.

And secondly, the paper writes providing housing to flood victims can cause problems if those who have been waiting for housing for a long time are overlooked.


# Daily News in Durban:

Many of the IVP’s supporters are not in favour of a coalition that includes the ANC and DA. The preference remains with the MK Party.

And finally from NAMIBIA:

# Republikein in Windhoek:

Reports there are concerns about the security of the Electoral Commission of Namibia’s biometric data for voter registration, which has been hosted abroad for the past 12 years.

Then the paper writes after the reform of Namibia’s Divorce Act had already started in 2004, the minister of Justice, Yvonne Dausab proposed another set of amendments.

And finally, the paper publishes a photo of the comet Pons-Brooks that was taken in Namibia.