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The future of
online news

Who we are.

At Bulletin, we appreciate and recognise the need for South African radio stations to have immediate access to breaking, relevant, and accurate news stories. We are also very aware of the numerous challenges and realities faced by these stations when it comes to producing top notch content.

Since 2000, we have made it our mission to empower numerous local radio stations by providing them with access to real-time, relevant, and fresh news stories at the touch of a button, as we realise that employing a full-time news team can be expensive and resource intensive.

Welcome to the new and
improved Bulletin.

We are thrilled to introduce the exciting transformation of the Bulletin we have all come to love. In a rapidly evolving media landscape, where accuracy, relevance, and timeliness are paramount, we are embracing change and renewal to better serve your listeners and fulfill our commitment to delivering the most compelling and up-to-the-minute breaking news. Our rebrand signifies not just a new look, but a renewed dedication to journalism excellence, ensuring that you can continue to rely on us as the trusted source for accurate and relevant news coverage. This evolution is a testament to our unwavering mission: to provide news that matters, when it matters most.

What we're offering.

We are here to give you a voice. We will supply you with:

Fully produced radio news stories on demand.

Unique and relevant news stories.

Carefully crafted, attention grabbing sound bites.

Breaking News Newsflashes via Whatsapp

The Bulletin Brand.

Bulletin aims to redefine the way radio stations access and deliver news stories. Our brand vision revolves around trustworthiness, authority, security, intelligence, and elegance. We are committed to providing accurate, timely, and insightful news in the modern technological age, while making breaking news easily accessible to local radio stations.


Brand 2.1
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Editor on Duty
Peet Bothma