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BUDGET: Sin taxes increased by more than inflation

# Finance minister Enoch Godongwana announced excise duties for alcohol products will see above inflation increases of between 6.7- and 7.2-percent for 2024/25. This means:
 A can of beer increases by 14 cents;
 A can of a cider and alcoholic fruit beverage goes up by 14 cents;
 A bottle of wine will cost an extra 28 cents;
 A bottle of fortified wine will cost an extra 47 cents;
 A bottle of sparkling wine will cost an extra 89 cents; and
 A bottle of spirits, including whisky, gin or vodka, increases by 5-rand-53-cents.
Excise duties for tobacco will increase by 4.7-percent for cigarettes and cigarette tobacco, and by 8.2-per-cent for pipe tobacco and cigars. This translates to a 97-cents increase on a pack of cigarettes.